Pana, our decorative cement pots

This beautiful set of pots (Pana Range) will be a great attraction for your customers. Ranging in size from 1050mm to 360mm (no. 3 and no.12) tall and 950mm to 350mm wide (no.9 an no. 12) wide, there is something for every type of customer that visits you.





Range of round cement planters

Our Round Planters range is a set of 19 different pots. Varying in size from 750mm as the tallest pots (no. 3 and no. 12) to 300mm as the shortest (no. 4 and no.16) The widest is no. 12 at 910mm.

This is a unique collection of pots that we are sure will meet the needs of your varied client base.


Greek range of decorative cement pots




This classic range of pots (Greek Range) has always been a favorite with customers. We gave them an overhaul though to give them a slightly modern touch. We are confident that as always this range will be a great seller.
Varying in size from 1200mm as the tallest pots (no. 4) to no.8 at 520mm as the shortest. The widest is no. 12 at 800mm.